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    error 1001

    JasyaYaya Level 1

      Hi everybody !
      I can't send my work. Would you please help me ?

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          Raymond Lim (Adobe) Adobe Employee

          Sorry that you're encountering the sharing error. You can look up this Troubleshooting sharing errors in Adobe XD and see the instructions there solve your issue.

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            Jacob G Adobe Employee

            Hi JasyaYaya


            Thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback.  I'm sorry to hear you are running into this error.  The troubleshooting steps that Raymond linked to above should resolve this issue.


            If you have time - there is a log file on your machine that will contain some information that could help us pinpoint the source of this error.  If you can get that file and email it to the team, we can investigate the issue further and work to make sure it is resolved in a future release.  Even if the error is no longer occurring, this log file should have info about the error you encountered previously, so it can be useful to our investigation.


            The log file in question is named PDApp.log.  There are a couple different ways you can get the PDApp.log file:


            (1) If you are comfortable using Terminal, you can find the file at the following path: ~/Library/Logs/PDApp.log


            (2) If you'd rather navigate to the file through Finder, you can use the Go menu to access the folder that contains it:


            • Go -> Go to Folder...
            • Enter: ~/Library/Logs
            • The PDApp.log file will be in the Logs folder


            (3) You can use the Adobe log collector tool, available here: https://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/kb/cc-log-collector.html.  After this tool runs, you'll see a zip file on the desktop that you can attach to an email.


            You can email the file to the team by logging a bug using: Adobe XD Feedback : Feature Requests & Bugs

            Hope this helps, and thanks for your feedback.




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              JasyaYaya Level 1

              Hi Raymond,

              Thank for your help. I try to make it well and I make you a feedback.

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                JasyaYaya Level 1

                Hi Jacob,

                Thank for your answer.

                I have a little level in english, so I'll do my best to make it well and if I loose the process I come back  to you.

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                  JasyaYaya Level 1



                  All is ok for now !!!!
                  I'm very happy Thanks a lot for your help !


                  Great Job and I hope the next features will be soon accessible

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                    JasyaYaya Level 1

                    Everything is good now

                    And I understand what you explain

                    I try to make all and well and the share go on... without other report.

                    The mystery still intact in my head but all is good and not is no good (Iznogoud)
                    Thanks a lot for your help


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                      Jacob G Adobe Employee

                      Glad to hear it is working correct and apologies for the inconvenience.  We working to resolve this for good in a future release.

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                        JasyaYaya Level 1

                        Thanks a lot for your reactivity and your understanding. I'm looking forward for the future release