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    Auto-Deletion of dead hyperlinks?


      Hi folks,

      I've made a massive technical directory in a book file comprising of 12 different .Indd documents with literally thousands of hyperlinks, most of them to external emails and URL's but some are navigational. It was designed primarily as a print document but I'm making an interactive PDF too (90MB!) Unfortunately many of the hyperlinks have been created in error thanks to the 'convert URLs to hyperlinks' option (the book has a lot of technical standards etc that Indesign has misinterpreted as hyperlinks). I really need to go through and check the ones that are supposed to be hyperlinks work, and delete all the erroneous ones. Is there a way to automate this process rather than go through the panel one at a time? Or at least to automate the deletion of the dead/nonsense ones? I'm using InDesign CS5.5 


      Many thanks indeed for any pointers.


      PS Please don't say 'just buy CC' as I understand the hyperlinks panel is much better and could probably sort this for me in the more recent version, but that isn't up to me.