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    How to Rename (or Duplicate) a CSH Map File?

    cc1864nv Level 1


      Is it possible to rename or duplicate a CSH map file in RoboHelp 11 HTML?


      I have been working on a project which uses a CSH map file called "WebHelp_CSH_10_17_2015.h" - it includes the date in the map file name. I want to change or remove this date from the map file name. Can this be done in the RoboHelp UI? (If so, I can't figure out how to do it).


      FYI, I tried going directly to the project files in Windows Explorer, copy/pasting the map file and renaming it there to get rid of the date. Then I imported the renamed map file into my project in the RoboHelp UI, but when I opened its Edit Map IDs modal, I found that none of the map IDs were copied along with the file and it seemed that they would have to be recreated (my project has over 520 IDs that would have to be recreated).


      It seems like a CSH map file name cannot be changed after the map file is created and that the map file cannot be duplicated - that any changes at that level required a brand new map file to be created and all map IDs to be recreated. Is that correct in your understanding/experience or am I missing something??


      Thank you!

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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I would do the following:


          1. Make a backup. Do not continue without a backup. Just in case something goes wrong.
          2. Create a new map file with the correct name.
          3. Close RoboHelp.
          4. Open the old .h file with Notepad.
          5. Cut its contents and save the now empty file.
          6. Open the new .h file with Notepad.
          7. Paste the cut contents and save the file.
          8. Remove the .CPD file.
          9. Open the RoboHelp project.
          10. Remove the wrong .h file.
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            cc1864nv Level 1



            Thanks for your suggestion. I used a dummy project to test your directions and was able to get a satisfactory result. I want to share something I noticed, though, as it may help someone else.


            First, to test your directions, I created a new .h file called “Map Files_03222016” and copy/pasted contents from an old .h file into the new one using Notepad ++.

            After I completed the rest of your instructions, I opened the new .h file in the RoboHelp interface, but, I could not see any of the contents I had added.

            At first I was concerned that my contents somehow did not get copied into the .h file. However, I checked the .h file in Notepad again and confirmed that the content I added was in indeed there. (Also, I remembered that I think I saw other threads on the community board regarding Map IDs that appear to be “missing/invisible” in the UI but are actually in the project, so I will do more reading on that later on).


            Then, I generated my project so I could check the whcshdata.js file, which is the file I give to my developers so they can connect the content from the help system to our application.  Everything I expected to see was indeed there.

            So, I was able to produce the output I needed and I will use these steps to duplicate/rename an .h file in my real project. Thanks again for your assistance - your method is going to save me a lot of time!