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    how do I download fireworks onto my mac I bought already and want to load it onto new computer


      It is unfathamable that I bought and own Fireworks Mac version, and that logging in with my adobe ID I cannot download it from my account.  I called adobe, after being passed to 4 people I was told its unsupported, and I have to message an obscure forum board, and that somehow miraculously someone will write me back with a link to download the program I already own. It is a wonder this company even survives with this kind of obscure customer service and protocols. And its a wonder in this terrible service and huge expense for your software there aren't companies who have competed and won over your business. What a shame. If there was an alternative I knew of, with this experience I would never buy an adobe product ever again. The company saves the money of no longer sending out CD's of the programs we purchase, and now leaves me after 30 min of being passed to people in India who don't speak English well enough- that this is the path for me to obtain my program download.