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    Two Skins Questions

      I have two questions which I've seen asked elsewhere on this forum but not answered. I'll try them again :-D

      Fist, I can create a custom skin and apply it to my project at time of generation, but it does not appear in my Project Set-up pod for further customization. How can I get it to appear? Or, how can I get it zipped and added to my gallery so that I can simply create from gallery?

      Second, I'm having trouble predicting the behavior of my custom image buttons in the generated help project. How can I find out the dimensions I should use for the Contents, Glossary, Index, Search buttons and some tips for getting them to render as desired? For example, if I background image with a gradient and transparent images for buttons, some of them display at or near the specified height, but others do not. Any idea how RoboHelp deals with the images? What sizes I can use?

      Thanks in advance.