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    Clustered CF Servers and ServerWeight

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      We have two CF8 servers clustered in distributed mode. That is, IIS runs on a separate machine and sends requests to the CF-clustered servers. CF is running J2EE mode on Jrun4. We have the JRun Load balancing algorithm set the RANDOM_WEIGHTED. One server in the cluster is much more powerful than the other so we'd like it to handle the majority of requests. So, we set its ServerWeight attribute to 2 while leaving the lessor machine at 1.

      Question: When setting the ServerWeight attribute must we set the numbers sequentially? What I mean is: since we have two servers in the cluster must we only use 1 and 2 for ServerWeight settings? Ideally, we'd like to set our stronger machine to 5 and leave the other at 1 thinking that Server1 would receive 5 times the requests as Server2. However, when we did that we found IIS would constantly hang up. Our guess is IIS, knowing one server was 5 and the other 1, may have been trying to send traffic to servers 2, 3, and 4. Is this correct? Is this how the JRun cluster and IIS communicate?

      The only reference I can find from Adobe is this Jrun LiveDoc:

      However, it does not answer the specific questions I've asked here.

      Can anyone shed light on this subject?