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    why is curve kinked

    lmaclanphere Level 1

      hi all


      this has bugged me for a while, kinked curves in the AE curve editor




      This is the Y position curve on an object--the ONLY way I have found to get this to go away is to separate x, y and z coordinates, and tweak them individually--then I have no kinks. But it causes me a lot more work in some cases.






      update: I found a way to fix it! edit the path and handles on the object itself, rather than the curve editor. Still odd and highly disturbing

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Nope, it's not odd and it shouldn't be all that disturbing.  When you use the Bezier Path handles, you're modifying the curvature and direction of the motion path.  The graph editor is better suited for adjusting incoming and outgoing velocities.  Two different things -- two different tools.

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            lmaclanphere Level 1

            Ha! Thanks Dave, I was maybe 75% facetious on that one


            I love love love cinema's graph editor. No kinks. No need to jump to other methods when adjusting some position curves (unless I want to)


            Just feels poorly engineered, and/or excessive hand holding on AEs part. But, whatevs.