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    Creative Cloud - Double payment


      Hi there,


      i have a new hobby: It´s called getting my money back for double payments for the creative cloud abo.

      It took me 2 phonecalls, 2 times chatting with someone who was not able to help me, and a mass of

      email communication. So all this started mid of last year, when i saw that i pay twice for one service

      (no info from adobe - worth to mention). I called the guys on the hotline, everything went well but i kept

      on paying. So here i am again, chatting, describing, chat crashed, once again... Yes we see the point,

      but we cant help you (its your task to copy the (double) payments from your bank account and send them

      to us. (are you serious??) - wait again and and we will get back to you. After 3/4 year year of correspond. i

      got a refund for the double payment - but not without a hidden special - i got 5 assignment numbers

      but only 3 refunds on my bank account. What can i do now? Chat? Mail? Phone?