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    Two computers OK, but where are the catalogues and collections?


      I guess I have missed something here, but I am new to this.


      I have a desktop iMac and a Windows 10 laptop. Lightroom CC installed on both, and both working fine.


      But I don't think that I have understood this cloud thing. I assumed that I could create a catalogue, collections, slideshows etc on my iMac. Then I could sign off and go out with my Windows laptop. Then I

      could sign into Lightroom CC on my laptop and BOOM, there would be all the stuff that I created on my iMac on my laptop via the cloud.


      I assumed that all the work I am doing was being saved in a Lightroom Cloud, but I am now thinking that I am wrong. Am I?


      If so, how do I do stuff on my iMac and then synchronise it with my Windows 10 laptop?