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    Premiere Elements 13 shuts down at the start with an errorcode I don´t understand.


      I bought Pre Elements 13 at 2014 and installed it on windows 8. It runs clearly.

      Since I installed windows 10 it closed in the startscreen with the errorcode "Adobe Premiere Elements 13 does not run. Because of an unkown error."

      I searched for a solution of my problem and found some guides.


      I tested :      Reinstall

                         Run as Admin

                         Install DirectX 9

                         Install Quicktime 7

                         Run in  the compatibility mode for windows 7 and 8

                         Replace my Laptop


      Sad that the program is still not running and I don´t know solutions anymore.

      Would be nice if you guys could help me : )


      PS: My Photoshop Elements 13 is on the same CD and runs clearly with windows 10.