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    bug in commets

      When I submit a comment I get a flash runtime error window: an unhanded io error file type unrecognized.
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          For me sometimes it just doesn't load it just keeps the loading icon up.
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            First Blood Part II

            I had this problem sometimes, too.
            But since then I first copy my written text before i click on "reply".
            It`s kind of "saftey writing" (-: .
            Then I try it do reply, when it doesn`t work, I`ll try it five minutes later.

            I think the problem goes back to the Adobe Server which isn`t so much time in operation.
            On the other hand Adobe SYSTEMS will make a big UPDATE the next time.

            To my mind, you should check that out in a few weeks. Then it will work good.

            I hope that can help you a little bit,

            Yours Rocky