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    Catalog Playback Jerky in ver.14


      32 GB Ram, win10, all drivers current, plenty of drive space and processing power. Catalog playback jerky, video runs for a second or two, then freezes for about 5, then skips ahead. Audio track proceeds normally. Any suggestions?

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          Kamna Yadav Adobe Employee



          Can you please explain what you meant by catalog playback? Are you working with Elements Organizer or premiere Elements? If this is an Elements organizer specific query then you might want to move it to Photoshop Elements.


          If however, you are referring to Premiere Elements, then are you trying timeline playback? Are the clips on the timeline in Premiere Elements not being played back properly? Is there any Red bar on the timeline? Did you try rendering the timeline by pressing Enter and then trying playback.


          Please get back to us with answers so that we would be able to help you better.



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            tomo54536653 Level 1

            Thank you for your reply.


            I was referring to jerky playbacks of items in a album (not catalog, my mistake) in elements organizer. I am using premiere elements only, not photoshop elements.These are all 4K video. After importing files into the album from my camera, I click on each file, get continuous audio but only a second or two of video, which then freezes for about 4 seconds as the audio continues. After about 4 seconds, the video jumps to sync with the audio, runs for a second or so, then freezes again as the audio continues. Even though the files were shot at 4K, I am looking at them in HD.


            All of this is advance of even bringing the files into Premiere Elements.


            Since my original post, I have done more research, and wonder if my graphics card (Radon 200) might be the issue? I am using the most current drivers, but as I have just today received a 4K monitor and discovered the card will not support that resolution, I will be upgrading the video card over the next few days and will report back if that makes a difference or not.



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              tomo54536653 Level 1

              BTW, new card is GeForce GTX 950 Gaming 2G Graphics Card. A reasonable choice for hobbyist editing?

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                Is anyone going to help this person?  I have the same issue.  When I try to preview .MP4 files in 3840x2160 on Elements 14 organizer, the file will not play back.  Instead it runs very slow for a few seconds and then freezes.  My system far exceeds the minimum system requirements.  Task manager indicates CPU is only at 25% and memory is only at 33%.


                I upgraded specifically to edit in 4k.  Not real happy so far....