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    New Mac won't sync collections from existing Light Room Mobile collections, what's going on? How do I fix?


      I created a lightroom account thru my iPad and iPhone.  No issues with lightroom there or the PC that I have.  Well, now I have a  MAC and got creative cloud apps lightroom and photoshop on it.  Open up light room and there are no files to be found.  Anything it wants to import is from local drive.  I tried to click sync with mobile and it prompts me to "Delete All Synced Data?"


      It further states:

      "Lightroom allows you to sync one catalog with lightroom mobile.  You are currently syncing "Lightroom Catalog.lrcat".

      "Do you want to delete all data synced with Lightroom Mobile and sync this catalog instead? This will delete all Lightroom mobile data from your mobile devices.  It will not delete any images stored on your computer."


      I do not want to delete what is currently on my mobile devices.  There is no data store on the Mac.  Thats what I'm trying to add from mobile.  I want all my data that is on mobile that I can see on both iPad iPhone no problem, to open on Mac.  How do I fix this?  Any help is greatly appreciated.