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    General advice on creating a messenger with flash

      Hello everyone !

      I would like to ask the experienced on the following matter - I have chosen to create a messenger with the use of Flash technology for my Master's Thesis, but up to now I only had experience in writing standalone games in general (so no networking included). I'm also from the AS 2.0 era, but my Tech University has recently obtained a licence for Flash CS3 so I'll be moving to AS 3 soon. Anyway I'm still more or less clueless on where to start.
      My promoter suggested using XMLSockets (would that also mean creating some server side application in PHP or Java ?), but since I believe these are available from like Flash 5, I'm guessing there are newer and better solutions to the problem ? I'm of course not asking about any ready solutions, I'll be happy to explore them myself, yet a general overview of my options would be more than welcome - especially that I will soon have to submit a general description of what this whole thing will more or less look like.
      For example - could I use Flash Media Server and Flash CS3 and that would be enough ? Please share any thoughts on the topic.

      Cheers !