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    CPU config for aftereffects,photoshop,illustrator


      I am planning to learn aftereffects,photoshop  and illustrator.A friend has offered a used machine with following config :


      1.amd radeon 1090t x6 3.2 ghz black edition processor

      2.Gigabyte ga -890 fxa-ud5(rev 2.0)

      3.cooler master haf-x chassis

      4.corsair dominator 8gb Ram

      5.2 x 1tb wd hdd

      6.zotac n videa geforce 560ti graphic card

      7.asus xonar dx sound card

      8.corsair 650 w modular psu


      Can someone please tell me if this config is sufficient for the abovementioned purpose.What else would I be Needing?