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    NO_SEATS_AVAILABLE_FOR_DELEGATION - despite having a free licence




      We have 10 licenses ("team" not "enterprise" ), all of which were assigned.

      We decided to move one of our employees to another department, which does not use Adobe CC.
      10-1 = 9 right? Nope, not in this case.

      After freeing the license, the team management panel correctly displays the number of used licenses as 9, and the number of free licenses as 1. However, each and every time we try to assign the free license to somebody, it fails:

      Http Request:
      https://creative.adobe.com/ccm-jil-api-v2/teams/ID_REDACTED@AdobeOrg/seats/named/invitatio ns


      Http Response:

      400 Invalid Request


      email: (redacted)

      issuingEntity: (redacted)
      invitationFailureReason: "NO_SEATS_AVAILABLE_FOR_DELEGATION"

      invitationSuccessful: false


      After 24hourrs or so the previously removed / detached seat is back on the list!

      We are struggling with this problem for three weeks now - online/chat support did not help. Contacting our reseller did not help. In short - we are extremely dissatisfied with the level of support/management capabilities offered.

      Kind regards

      Filip Paczyński