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    Raid Configuration for feature doc




      I'm about to start editing a feature length documentary. After doing a bit of research it looks like my best option is to have a raid setup. However, I'm a little lost in some of the specifics. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      I have just over 4tb of footage shot on canon c300 (50mbps MPEG 2 MXF)


      1. Am I right in thinking a Raid 5 setup would be best?

      2. Do you use the raid setup for scratch disks and preview files etc, if so, I should be looking at 16tb?

      3. What is the best enclosure to buy? This is were I get really lost. There seems to be a thousand different hard drive enclosures that all have different spec ranging from £150 to £1000 And I really don't know what I'm looking for. Any links/recommendations would be great.

      4. What is the best way to connect to the main unit, is it just USB?


      Sorry if these questions seem a bit amateur, but it's all a forgien language to me!


      Many thanks in advance,



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          Peferling Level 4

          Read up on the tweakers page:  Disk Setup


          I also shoot with Canons to the same format as you, and ingest via the XF utility to single file wrapped in MXF.

          I do short form in HD, several jobs a week.  I don't need much space at any one time, and can get by with 16MB of ram (You'll need much more for 4K and long form -I'm sure others will chime in):


          I have 4 500GB SCSI drives to create a 1TB raid 10.  (Two drives stripe and the other two mirror), controlled via dedicated LSI 8i raid card on the fastest slot in my Dell T7610.

          I would only use USB3 on external drive for cuts only at 2K.

          I replace the drives every three years, (why wait for a failure).

          I avoid conforms and mixed media in the same project like a plague. I stick with native formats for everything, (wav for audio, PSD for stills, and MXF in XD Cam format for video).  Even if I get a clip form a cell phone, or an MP3 from elsewhere, it's converted to a native format before importing.

          I use an SSD for system.

          My Cache files are on a third drive not sharing the same buss with the system drive.