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    Mouse signals issue

    Cherax79 Level 1
      In Director 11 I made a test:

      And now for example:
      hold left button then click and release right and then release left.
      The last signal won't be called.
      Or: hold left, hold right, release left and release right.
      Also last signal won't be called.

      What's the reason of such behaviour? Or is there any way to pass it by ?
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          fazstp Level 2
          In OSX, MX2004 it seems to only register one mouseDown event and one mouseUp event.

          So left-down, right-down, left-up, right-up registered
          -- "LD"
          -- "LU"

          left-down, right-down, right-up, left-up registered
          -- "LD"
          -- "RU"