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    Incorrect file package - missing imsmanifest.xml in Presenter files


      I am trying to create a Presenter module to import into our LMS. When I try to upload the zip file, I get this error message "Incorrect file package - missing imsmanifest.xml". I thought Presenter files were SCORM compiant and able to be uploaded into a LMS. Is this not the case? Any ideas/help would  be appreciated.

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          zeeshan hussain Adobe Employee



          Have you enabled reporting in your project? Also, on which LMS are you uploading your published output? What is your output type (HTML5 or SWF)?

          If reporting is not enabled, please enable the reporting option as per your LMS. Generally all the LMS's support SCORM, so you can opt for that by following below steps.

          1. Open your Presenter project in Powerpoint.

          2. On your Presenter ribbon, Click Manage buitton on the Quiz section

          3. Go to Reporting Tab as shown in below screen shot and enable SCORM reporting.


          4. Click OK.

          5. Publish your output as zipped file and upload it to your LMS.


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          Zeeshan Hussain

          Adobe Presenter Engineering Team