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    Customized Design Templates


      Our designers are trying to come up with a way to deliver some sort of template (ideally designed in InDesign) to basic users that would allow them to add some custom text to a few areas and maybe insert a picture of there own.


      Basically the want a shutter fly type of experience were they design and control the base piece and then can distribute it out and have the users ad hoc edit and customize a few elements and print at there location.



      Our design team is concerned with keeping the set elements on the piece locked and only letting the users change a few things.  Our first thought was to use a PDF from but some challenges with that are making the font (a custom purchased font) consistent through the whole document and allowing the users to either pick from a few set pictures or inserting there own all while only having access to adobe reader, upgrading them to adobe pro would not be out of the question if we could it to work.



      Has anyone tried a project like this before and solved it (with or without an adobe product)?