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    PDF not displaying properly in FireFox




      Our advertising department uses InDesign to create flyers for auctions that we hold.  These are then published on our website.  When viewing these flyers with the Firefox built-in PDF reader, they are not rendering properly.


      Link to our flyer - http://www.kikoauctions.com/shared/auction_photos/1/2016/6383/Apr%206_Mississippi_CEC%20Fi rearms2.pdf


      Open it in Firefox and you will see the issue, open in any other browser, IE, Safari, and it should work fine.


      Can anyone help me identify what setting in the PDF export could be causing this?  I would prefer to be able to fix the PDF instead of advising on the site to use non-Firefox browsers for customers viewing the flyer.


      Thank you so much,


      Derek Humes

      IT Operations Manager