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    New InDesign add-on: Extract Pages

    Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

      Bookraft solutions have just released a new InDesign add-on called Extract Pages. They describe it as follows:

      With Extract Pages you can:

      • Save all or part of an entire InDesign document as separate pages or spreads, one file per page or spread
      • Split an InDesign document into user-defined sections, one file per section
      • Enter a comma-separated list of page ranges to save, just like in InDesign’s Print and Export dialog boxes
      • Split an entire document into chapters based on paragraph styles: one file per chapter
      • Split an ID file into separate files based on the existing sections in the file, or based on alternate layouts
      • Automatically combine all the files created into a new InDesign book file (.indb). So, for instance, with a few clicks you can create a new book file containing each spread (or chapter) as a separate file!

      For more details, you are invited to check out the product page: http://www.id-extras.com/products/extract-pages

      For a limited time only, we are offering this great script at a 20% discount for newsletter subscribers. Use coupon code launch at checkout. (Offer valid until end of March 2016.)


      (I have no connection with Bookcraft)