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    tabindex in a .as file

      Hi all. I know i've done this before, but for the life of me I can't find my other code. I know this is probably one of those obvious 'duh' answers but I have the following:

      class com.moviestore.admin extends Movieclip {

      private var btnAdd:Button;
      private var btnMod:Button;
      private var btnDelete:Button;

      public function admin (Void) {
      // nothing needed here

      public function init (Void) : Void {
      this.btnAdd.tabindex = 1;
      this.btnMod.tabindex =2;
      this.btnDelete.tabindex =3;

      Rest of code in the class

      I keep getting "There is no property with the name .tabindex" blah blah blah....

      Thanks for helping!