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    Acrobat X


      Has anyone experienced total blacked out areas when downloading PDFs? I'm just wondering if I need to delete & reinstall the program...

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          $arojini Level 3

          Hi lorih74440346,


          Could you please let me know the exact dot version of Acrobat you are using and the OS running on the system?

          Also please attach a screenshot of the issue you facing .

          Is the issue same with all the pdfs which  you try to  download?

          From which source you are downloading the pdfs?




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            lorih74440346 Level 1

            I have the Adobe X Pro for Mac & I have the OS X Yosemite version in

            Safari.  This is a screen picture I see when trying to open some PDFs;

            this one is my receipt from Reliant that the images don't appear