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    A CPU performance problen, again!

    BramvanOosterhout Level 1

      Dear Adobe After Effects team, I have a problem for months now and it drives me crazy.

      I also tried a lot of things, different settings, more/faster RAM and a M.2 SSD.


      I have these specs and I build my PC as an Adobe AE workstation but I paid thousands of euros for nothing!

      When I want to work in AE, AE uses only one core and that is a huge bottleneck in my system. I have 6 cores with 12 threaths, it is one of the fasted consumer CPUs!


      My specs:

      - i7 5820K (OC @4,2GHz)

      - Samsung 950 Pro 256 M.2 SSD (2,5 GB/s)

      - GTX 980 Ti

      - Asus X99-A

      - 32GB DDR4 RAM


      Here is a screenshot! (http://i.imgur.com/hOM7otY.png)

      2016-03-23 (1).png