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    Adobe animation tool for elearning (was: Help with choosing software)


      My company are looking to get me some training in an animation tool for our e-learning courses. We used to use flash in some of our content, however when we have to edit old flash files from 5 years ago, we run into major actionscript issues. We liked the idea of adobe edge as we read that it was quite simple and that is an advantage as we have quite quick turnarounds with projects. I know that Adobe aren't actively developing Edge anymore and now they have developed flash into Adobe Animate, we just wanted to know what in your opinion would be the best tool for us?


      Many thanks,



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          eLearning.net Level 1

          Hi - Have you tried Adobe Captivate 9 yet? It offers a lot of animation capabilities. Adobe Edge Animate is also an excellent tool. Depending on the types of animations you are trying to create, either of these tools should do the trick. You can also create animations in video using tools like Adobe Premiere or Adobe After Effects. It really boils down to what tool you feel most comfortable learning/using and what type of animation effect you are going for. Good luck.




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            The Jayster Level 1

            I second that advice from Magic - if you are building eLearning with a rapid development tool - using a "shell" type module environment - Captivate 9 is a great choice (particularly if you are staying in the Adobe environment). It is also responsive (in a way) so you can precisely target up to 3 device/screen widths in a single exported project. There is also still the one-set-size route and the scale-to-fit method as well (and SWF export too). A big benefit to using Captivate 9 (or any other major rapid tool) is the built in LMS compatibility for a myriad of SCORM or AICC or TinCan protocol settings. You don't need to hand code all that like we used to - and many clients heavily rely on it these days. Two other big players in this rapid elearning space (though I prefer Captivate for it's depth) are Articulate Storyline and Lectora.


            If you are building purely HTML5 DOM-based animation in a custom website for eLearning- then Edge Animate is awesome (though yes - no longer supported - wah wah waaaah). I also use Edge Animate to build animations that I import into Captivate 9 - so they work/play well together actually. If yer on a Mac - then there is Tumult Hype, which is still supported by their group. I hear decent things about it - but have never used it. http://tumult.com/hype/ . And a still in development/supported Windows compatible one is Node Fire - which I never used either. NodeFire - HTML5 Software . I hear that Edge Animate is superior to these guys though (and I know it looks way better) - but that is obviously a short-term gig since these other two options are still being supported and upgraded.


            Flash (now called Animate CC) is also relevant again if you are alright with embedding your animations and/or interactions into the html page via the "canvas" tag - which will run on modern, non-plugin compliant browsers. So - Flash (or "Animate CC" now) is relevant again for eLearning in the same manner that it was back in the day - just using canvas instead of the older object "plug-in" method.


            A NOTE in regards to your older ActionScript update issues. You can still download Flash CS6 via Adobe's Creative Cloud service. You just filter via the "Previous Versions" drop down to find it (same goes for Fireworks CS6 etc). I'm assuming your older Flash eLearning was built using ActionScript 2, which is not supported in the Flash Pro CC version obviously (extremely dumb - I know). But you can open those older FLA files in Flash CS6 and update them just fine - since it honors ActionScript 2 projects. I have to open those AS2 projects every once in awhile myself - and having Flash CS6 installed along side CC is a lifesaver. Hope that is helpful to you!



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              avinders53962110 Level 1

              Hello All,


              Thank you for all of your sound advice. The reason we haven't looked at Captivate 9 is because we have our own content authoring tool so I would just need something to make simple animations which I can output as swiffys or HTML5.


              Adobe edge looks like it would have been perfect however if it isn't going to be developed I worry that it will be a discontinued product.


              I have no idea lol!

              Thank you for your insight though

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                The Jayster Level 1

                Hi avinders


                In that case - like I mentioned above - you could go with Adobe Animate CC (formerly Flash). That kicks animations out to both HTML5-compatible format (using the canvas tags - mobile compliant) or SWF (obviously). If you are going with straight up DOM-element based animations like Edge Animate produces - then you can use the alternative (former competitors) Tumult Hype or NodeFire. Those are probably your best options for similar software that is still being supported and developed.


                Adobe is just a wreck imo. They just released another piece of wire-framing software for iPad users only (yet again) the other day... I mean... who does that (??) and then ignorantly claimed I have new benefits in my Creative Cloud. (uh... presumptive??) They are just really good at irking their customer base these days. I wouldn't bother learning the app anyhow... because they'll likely trash it - or repurpose it entirely - in a year lol. I'm literally afraid to invest time learning their tools these days.


                Good luck!

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                  avinders53962110 Level 1

                  Thats exactly how I feel! One minute flash was redundant and Edge was the new thing and now thats not even being developed anymore! ARGH lol!


                  Thank you for your help! Much appreciated



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                    I am also developing "animations" for eLearning and have been through the same kind of software-bouncing since the SWF-format was beaten in the ground.


                    In my experience in eLearning, 90% of the time I'm developing an animation there is a need for different degrees of userinteraction with the animation. The level of interaction will differ from simple navigation to small game-like interactionschemes. This means that Captivate never was an option for me (Disclaimer: Im not up-to-date on how many interactivity-options might have been implemented in Captivate recently).


                    Edge Animate filled the void after Flash "died", but I was never happy working with PNGs when I was used to changing vectorbased graphics on the fly in Flash (yea I know. SVGs....but it still introduced more development steps than in my Flash workflow). Now I'm getting ready to go back to Fla...I mean, Adobe Animate, and I've been playing around with the canvas documents and the CreateJS library, and so far I like what I see. Coding is very similar to Edge Animate, and CreateJS seems to have a lot of useful features already, especially if you focus on what the library can do outside of the limited code-snippets that Animate will throw at you.


                    Ofcourse there a very few hits on google when it comes to searches on using CreateJS in Animate, but there are many hits on general use of CreateJS that you can also use in Animate.


                    I'm sad to see Edge getting snuffed by Adobe, but I'm looking forward to getting back into Animate full force

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                      avinders53962110 Level 1

                      Amazing feedback completely agree with you.


                      I too am sad that Edge wont be getting developed esp after as you say flash had "died" then it was reborn as Animate its like make your mind adobe!! I think I am leaning more towards Animate though, just hope they dont decide to ditch that in the future as well!!


                      Thank you


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                        Hello, regards since Mexico!

                        I have the same problem that avinders53962110 comment us.


                        I will like to share you an example of what kind of interactive my costumers asked and still ask me.

                        https://sites.google.com/site/ezequielcarballar/home/muestrasflash/tutorial.swf?attredirec ts=0

                        You can download this sample, it´s a swf .


                        I designed this web trained in flash in 2010, yep I know it... It´s not the best example to explain a costumer how a web trained must be. But the interactive level is the option that i´m searching...


                        I work like an elearning designer and my company is asking me to have interactive courses. Well maybe you ask yourself "What kind of software is that guy using?" Well the answer is Articulate Storyline... Yeah I know it, It´s not the best option to build a elearning course but my company bought this software last year, and i was hiring the last month.


                        I´m going to suggest my boss for buying other elearning software, but in my experience Captivate, Articulate and Shift are good softwares to build e-learning but they don´t support an animation html5.


                        Do you know if adobe captivate 9 supports the kind of interactive that i´m searching?  The Jayster do you know how to import and html5 animation from Adobe Animate into Captivate 9?


                        I´m agree with you abnesher but my problem is computer programming hard, it´s not my best skill but well maybe i need to learn something new.


                        Well I work lms moodle 2.8. Maybe there is an option to upload a html5 "course" not like a scorm.


                        i´m going to try to create an easy sample in Adobe Animate and i´m going to test if this html 5 content displays runs in moodle and i will comment you..


                        Sorry if my english isn´t the best!


                        Thank you!



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                          The Jayster Level 1

                          Hi Ezequiel


                          Check out this string for your answer!

                          Adobe Animate CC with Captivate 9?


                          I have not used Animate with C9 yet (tho I used to build modules in Flash entirely for years) - as I have still been using Edge for more complex animation/interaction. I like that it keeps everything in the simple JS/CSS/HTML world. But it appears that Animate does indeed export .OAM files (this is the file type required when you import HTML5 animations into your Captivate 8 or 9 projects). According to the string, Animate exports these when you use the "canvas" option for your Animate build. So, just make sure that your target user base can run canvas in their browser - and you should be good to go from the looks of it.


                          Hope this answers your question!


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                            Stacie Style

                            Hi there.  I have the Adobe Creative Cloud tools and really want to use Captivate to create my online modules to be uploaded into a LMS.  However, when I started to use it I couldn't get the video to play no matter what I did.  Because of that I am using a trial version of Storyline 2 but won't be able to afford it after the initial trial period.  Has anyone else had this problem? If so, can you help me fix it?  I am not extremely technical so please keep it simple for me!