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    "Submit Button" variable email


      I have Adobe Acrobat DC Pro and have tried to create a form that will be distributed, filled out, and submitted using an iPAD. I want to be able to change the email address that the "submit button" will send to based on a selection the user makes in a drop down field. Example: What department do you work in?--the iPad user selects from a drop down list 1. operations 2. accounting 3. Human Resources... based on the users selection of their department, i.e. "operations", when you press the submit button, the operations department's email address pops up in the 'send to' field. If they select accounting, the submit button will propagate the accounting departments email address etc.


      Is there any way to add this "variable email" function in DC so that when you save this form and someone opens it on their Reader app on their iPAD, this function actually works?

      I have tried using the custom javascript - and that works great on the PC, but it won't work on the iPAD Reader App.


      To me this seems like a really simple function - to change the email address you submit to based on a users response to a question on the form..but I can't figure it out.


      If anyone has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated!!

      Thank you