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    Submitting to a different email address based on a drop down selection - ios compatible

    Alexelizabeth Level 1

      Using Adobe Pro DC I have used a code posted in a forum about a year ago in order to change which email my submit button will go to based on a dropdown selection:


      var email = this.getField("drop").value;

      this.mailDoc(false, email);


      This works perfectly using a windows computer (thank you!!!). However, when I pull it up on my iPad, using the Adobe Acrobat Reader app - it no longer recognizes the script and nothing happens when I push the submit button. I understand that not all custom javascripts will work with mobile apps however I feel like this one is so simple i'm hoping there is a way to make this one work on the ipad mobile app...


      That being said, I have another very simple javascript encoding that works perfectly on both my PC and the mobile app on the iPad:


      var a=this.getField("drop");




      If the above one works on the ipad, I'm thinking there has to be a way to make the first one work on it as well...


      If this doesn't work, is there another way to do this other than javascript so that the reader app will support the function?


      Thanks in advance for any help