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    AE CS5.5 movies for youtube?

    karenf1 Level 1

      I have a 30 second animation with a soundtrack that I'd like to put on youtube and also be able to email. This is not for the big screen in any way. But when I output it as Quicktime - it was 217 MB!

      I've also tried it several other ways but nothing seems to work. And honestly - I didn't know what I was trying after the firth or sixth time. I wonder if someone can help me with what settings I should use. I've done some googling - but still baffled. In fact is there a way to set your output settings back to default - as Lord knows what I've done to my settings, when nothing was working.

      Many thanks in advance!

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Not to worry.  Take that big ol' file into Adobe Media Encoder.  There's an encoding preset for YouTube and a lot of others.  You can even make custom presets to get them to a file size suitable for email.


          If you didn't know, you already HAVE Adobe Media Encoder.  Look for it.

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            karenf1 Level 1

            Thank you SO, SO much! Does CS5.5 have it? I will go google it - as I have no clue where to find it! Again - thank you!

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              Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              AME should have been installed when you installed AE.

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                karenf1 Level 1

                OK-I found it - opened it - dragged my 221 mb movie in - and set it to Web1929x1080 - guessing that was good for YouTube(?) and those were the measurements of my AE Composition File. It spit out a 21MB file. Yay! But is it ok to ask you a few questions? The file type is .f4v. Is that Flash? And when I double clicked it to play it opened in the Adobe Media Player… so waht happens if I email it to someone who doesn't have that? Can they view the movie? Thanks again SO much!

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                  karenf1 Level 1

                  Dave! Dave! Dave! Thank you SO much! I went back & did it again - and found the setting for h.264 & Quicktime ! It then spit me out a trim little 5.3 .mp4 file. Yay & hooray. Phew. That was such a gift of information you gave me! I find AE so endlessly complex. I'm really an illustrator - I'd love to animate my work but every time I learn something in AE - i find something else to utterly stump me. And despite the fact that I've watched so many lynda.com tutorials it seems such an uphill battle. But this forum is so great! Thank you!