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    Syncing locally without cloud for security reasons


      wwe've all seen t. A service is compromised and images leak.   People publish accidentally thinking they're syncing between devices. And on. 


      SO knowing that Lightroom mobile requires all previews to live in the cloud rubs me the wrong way. Surely there's a way to sun c

      from a desktop to iPad without holding private data in the cloud to be examined by whenever may have access or stolen by jon q hacker.


      IF the answer is no - first that's a big deal


      second I need to audit the security of the sercice including if client side encryption is used and how the keys are generated.  I would hope it's not sending files unencrypted and storing them as a simple general hash for all users.


      I Searched but found no information regarding syncing without utilizing the cloud.  I was under the impression years ago when this first started that it want sending files to the cloud.  Maybe that's changed or maybe there's a setting


      iI was unable to find strict details regarding security.  If they're obscuring that information in the hopes of preventing a hack then that worries me even more. Security through obscurity never works 


      IF I can't find the information and ir don't feel assured then I'll have to switch it to some local sync programs like filter storm or anither.


      personally not a fan  fan at all of people just signing up for a service that presents itself as a sync from desktop to mobile which in reality is required to store all that data online but maybe some detailed security white papers from Adobe can change my mind.  In the mean time I'll be waiting on any additional syncing.



      OLease ease forgice any typos. On an iPhone and some other things. Tried to quickly proof!