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    How to use a cross-domain comp. library?

    Curious Khan
      Hi, all.

      I have a problem in using a cross-domain library on pages of a different domain.

      To elaborate the circumstance:

      I have 2 different domains on my project, say www.my-dom-0.com and ww.my-dom-1.com.
      I wrote an ActionScript component library and placed it at my-dom-0.
      And it works by calling a pre-determined set of Javascript functions and objects under the hood.

      Since the library is supposed to be cross-domain,
      it may be used by flex applications either of my-dom-0 or of my-dom-1.

      They seemed to work fine until I hit upon the problem when applications of my-dom-1 attempted to use the library's features in IE7.
      I verified that the required Javascript codes were placed in the pages that had the applications.
      With Firefox, they worked okay.

      After some digging, I found that they didn't work due to something related with #error 2060.

      Does anyone know how to make this work?
      I'd like someone familiar with the issue to help me out of the problem.

      Thanks in advance.