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    PGB with cli-6.0.0 results in missing icons and splashscreens

    stichting opwekp67038633 Level 1

      The other day I tried to build my app with cli-6.0.0 for IOS.


      Build seemed fine, but on my ipad air my splashscreen reverted back to default phonegap and so were some icons. For instance my pushnotification icon had reverted back to the default phonegap icon.


      After some research I found that I had to add all extra splashscreens (other sizes) and icons. After adding the 2048x1536 splashscreen and a 40x40 icon things looked better again.


      With cli-5.2.0 I only had 2 splashscreens (1024x768) and a default one and also less icons, but that did NOT result in showing default phonegap splashscreens and icons.


      So my guess is that cli-6.0.0 ignores default icons and splashscreens OR a previously existing mechanism to generate icons/splashscreens does no longer work the same.