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    Lightroom CC suddenly won't send files to Photoshop CC


      Out of nowhere, Lightroom lost the ability to send files to Photoshop. Key commands do nothing and the menu commands are grayed out.


      I threw away the photoshop.plist file, but a new one didn't get made after restarting Photoshop.


      So I uninstalled and reinstalled Photoshop. No improvement.


      So I updated Lightroom to the newest version. Weird fake improvement.


      Now, if I open Lr I can see the options to send to Ps not grayed out, but they don't do anything. Even with Ps already open, no file goes from Lr.


      This is not cool.


      What do?


      MacPro (Late 2013) OS 10.10.2

      Lr CC 2015 and now 2015.5

      Ps CC 2015.1.2