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    Lightroom 6.5 bug with DJI Phantom 4 photos


      I just tried editing my first batch of photos out of my DJI Phantom 4, and noticed that there is a strange yellow pixelation in the same place on every photo. At first I was worried it was a problem with the sensor on my Phantom 4, but when I looked at the original DNG files straight out of the camera, the yellow pixels don't exist. So I'm pretty sure it's a problem with how Lightroom is processing those files, although it's surprising given that the Phantom shoots in Adobe's native DNG format. Also, photos from my Phantom 3 Professional don't have this problem in Lightroom.


      I've attached a photo with the strange yellow pixelation. It's on the right side and most visible against the sky. 


      Anybody else run into this problem? Any solutions? I'm on Lightroom 6.5, and I'm using the newest firmware on the Phantom 4.