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    How to show two video tracks in the workspace?


      I have an interview podcast where I have multiple cameras.  When editing the final output, I want to be able to view all the video tracks simultaneously so that I can determine when which video track will be the one being shown.  I have all the tracks aligned so that they are timed correctly.


      How do I set up the workspace to show each video track in its own window as well as a window showing the final video output?  I can only view the track on top so I can't watch the track underneath it in the timeline unless I hide the top track.  But then, I can't watch the top track to see if I'm missing something in that track I'd like to show.  I need to be able to watch both tracks simultaneously and then choose Camera 1, Camera 2, back to 1, back to 2, etc.  I'm using Premiere Elements 14 on Windows.  Is this even possible to do?

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          whsprague Adobe Community Professional

          I did a three camera shoot of a family reunion a few years ago.  Editing with Premier Elements was very difficult.  There are multiple tracks, but coordination was time consuming.  There is no way I know of to assign a preview window to each track.  If you are going to do a lot of multi camera work, more expensive software like Premier CC (pro) will have more tools for "multicam" editing.