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    Editing a video in portrait mode

    grahams64389124 Level 1

      For videos I've recorded in portrait on my iphone,

      ...when I edit them in Adobe Clip, and then save them.....

      ...the saved video is "shrunken", i.e., the video is minimized to about 25% of its size and a huge thick black boarder appears all around the video.


      I have to use a different app to crop the video to the appropriate size.


      How can this be fixed?


      Isn't there a way for Adobe Clip to edit portrait videos? The issue is not there for videos taken in landscape mode.

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          petergaraway Adobe Employee

          Hi Graham,


          That's because Clip exports your video in landscape mode. Clip does not support exporting in portrait orientation. If you upload your video to Youtube or play it back on your device in landscape mode you'll see that your video will fill the top and bottom of the screen only leaving black boarders on the sides which is expected. If your wanting to get rid of the black borders on the sides there's a number of ways to do although note that doing this requires the image to be stretched or zoomed in on to fill the screen, which can cause the image to look bad.


          Doing a search for 'how to get rid of black borders on vertical video' will provide a number of good tips for doing so.


          Hope this helps!




          Peter Garaway

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            bronwyn-lewis Adobe Employee

            Hi Graham,


            We've noted your request for support for editing vertical video. In the meantime, here's a blog post with some creative ideas for editing vertical video in a landscape sequence, using Premiere Clip and Premiere Pro CC: http://bit.ly/1WEATjz


            Hope this helps!


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              radione Level 1

              When working on mobile, especially for output channels like snapchat, vertical video is the correct destination aspect ratio.  I would like to see an app like clip support working in this format.

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                Blazers6777 Level 1

                I agree. I would easily pay for this app. There aren't a lot of good editing apps and this is by far one of the best. Please add rendering into portrait videos.

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                  bronwyn-lewis Adobe Employee

                  Thanks for your feedback! The team has noted support for editing & export of vertical videos. Keep the ideas coming!




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                    Blazers6777 Level 1

                    No problem! Do you know if we'll see this option on the next update an when will that be released??

                    I use the app quite a lot so I'd say fine tuning controls when selecting an area. Example for a certain spot in a video to end at precisely 4.60 seconds rather than fidgeting to get it to stay at 4 at 9. Give a feature where u can long press an it zooms in to that spot on the track showing you exact timing. Also for the automatic project type please make it so you can make longer videos no matter what pace you choose. Sometimes for certain songs selected I only get 10 seconds of edited video an have to go back an manuel edit it. Thanks for listening!!

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                      mogsta Level 1

                      I also 100% agree. There is a specific market for this feature, and I'm sure it's easy enough for Adobe to enable portrait editing.


                      I prepare video course material that is delivered to Chinese students on their phone app in portrait mode (video chat style). As a CC subscriber, I thought the Premiere app was a godsend - until I discovered I can't export my clips in portrait mode.


                      Fantastic tool, but limited by this oversight.


                      Not holding my breath though, considering this post is 17 months old :-(

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                        Dayln Girard Level 1

                        Im having the same problem, its a little ridiculous that we cannot edit and export vertical videos on clip, I was hoping the app was at least able to shoot, edit, and share mobile formatted video, simply on my phone, is this ever going to be a feature? or do I need to look elsewhere?