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    Get PathItem Error [an Illustrator error occurred: 1346458189 ('PARM')]

    y.tani Level 1


      I am in trouble with an error below.

      What there is no solution?


      There are objects that can not be obtained as the path the path to the item at the time of acquisition.


      It does not always occur

      However, every time will occur to occur once.


      pathItem There are about 500 to 1000.




      Because it uses a script to the other,

      I think that remaining debris such as clipboard and global variables

      And to set the null, there is no change, but I tried to release.


      When I restart the illustrator, but once heal
      We are troubled not go to not to restart every time.


      Sorry in clumsy sentence.
      Thank you.



      Illustrator ver.CC2014

      script javascript