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    Lightroom Rendering Bug in Library Module


      Images edited in photoshop (whether through the "Edit In" Photoshop option or a file manually opened into Photoshop, saved, and then imported into Lightroom) that have an adjustment layer with a mask that has been blurred using the layer mask feather property, is rendered in Lightroom without the feather and instead shows the original edge of the unfeathered mask. The rendering issues is present when that image is exported out of Lightroom and printed.

      Here is a screenshot of the issue. I tested this after having a client report the same issue. The image in the foreground is the file opened in photoshop with the layer mask feather property applied to a curves adjustment layer. The file to the left in Lightroom is the same tiff file once saved. You can see the issue.

      Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 11.30.33 PM.png