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    Processing ArrayCollection or XML in PHP from Flex

    Gregory Lafrance Level 6
      I know this is a Flex forum, but after I use HTTPService with POST and an ArrayCollection or XML object as the parameter, anybody have the PHP code I would use to grab the parameter on the server side?

      Once I have grabbed it and put it in a PHP variable I can figure out the rest.

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          flexstone Level 1
          One caveat for POST ing XML from AIR is that there is a bug and it submits as GET instead. Work-around I had to use was to upload XML file instead and then parse it.... otherwise from FLEX

          If you POST the XML as a parameter like so

          var params:Object = new Object()
          params.postText = myXML

          and your XML is something like.....


          then the PHP script looks something like.........

          foreach($_POST AS $key => $value) { ${$key} = $value; }

          //echo $postText;
          $xml = new SimpleXMLElement($postText, LIBXML_NOCDATA);
          $record = $xml->record;
          // use first record to capture column names into array
          foreach($record[0]->record->children() as $col){
          $colNames[] = $col->getName();

          // then for each column , record get the values
          foreach($record->record as $row){
          foreach($colNames as $column){
          $values[] = $row->$column;
          //do something with the record


          //get record level element name;
          $act = $xml->act;
          $table = $xml->table;
          $record = $xml->records;

          // get column names