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    Why does iTunes fail to import when I use too many adjustments on Lightroom?


      In my workflow, I edit my photos and then I import to my ipad using itunes. However, some photos do not make it into the ipad for some reason, and I have to do them manually using dropbox which costs me more time and it's annoying.


      I thought it was simply an itunes bug, but now I've noticed that this happens more often when the image was processed with lots of filters and spot removals.


      It is very weird because I get no error messages, all the images are normally imported to the ipad, except those that will be missing. It makes even more weird because even if I use another software to create a totally new file (an image resizer), it still won't go, as if the ipad had an issue with that photo in particular.


      Has anyone ever had a similar issue?