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    Selective file sync? (or better way to sync one LR catalog between two computers)


      I want to use Lightroom on two Windows 10 computers using the same catalog.


      The way I thought I should be able to do this is to put my Lightroom catalog files on my Creative Cloud Files folder which would mean that when I make changes it would end up getting synced across. Already it's a bit of a workaround since It means uploading and downloading a few hundred MB of file even I'm just changing 1 small thing (really there should be a way to do whole thing in LR itself). However I can't really do this since the lack of selective sync means that it wants to upload my entire catalog previews folder, this then completely fills up my creative cloud storage and then everything stops syncing.


      According to this article the feature used to exist but was removed from both OSX and Windows because they couldn't get it to work on OSX. It must be possible to get it to work since I know that dropbox has this feature across all desktop platforms, would it be possible to have it added back (or at least enabled on windows)? Alternatively, can anyone suggest a workaround for me to use?