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    Importing excel spreadsheet with hyperlinks to indesign - hyperlinks don't work


      Hi everyone, i am trying to figure out, how i can import/ place an excel spreadsheet with hyperlinks in my indesign cc2014 doc without losing the hyperlinks. When i place the spreadsheet it shows me the text of the hyperlink, like 'go to adobe' but it loses the url behind it, like 'www.adobe.com'. Also after placing it in indesign it looses all the formating (typical underlined and blue). When placing the spreadsheet i have 'show import options' selected and i have 'table: formatted table ' selected. When trying to import the same table, but after importing it and saving it in word, it works fine. But i would like to illiminate extra steps and try to avoid going through word.

      When my collegue with indesign c6 trys the same thing, importing the same spreadsheet directly from excel, it just imports fine. all hyperlinks in the table still work and are underlined and blue.

      Can someone help with tips and tricks for this one? Thanks a lot in advance!! Best, Julia