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    How to save multiple images to camera roll?


      Hi Crew


      I have about 700 images in a Mobile Lightroom collection that I want to save to the camera roll.


      So far, Ive only figured out how to do this manually (i.e. selecting one image at a time).


      Does anyone know a way to do bulk export or "save all"?


      Thank you!!!



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          Rocketdrive Level 2

          I had the same problem. But the solution is easy:


          - before selecting any image, tap share icon in upper right corner (the u-shape with up-arrow)

          - tap "Save to Camera Roll"

          - now You can select up to 15 images at a time and then tap the checkmark in the upper right corner > Your selections will be saved in one batch to the camera roll


          Your camera roll will show the original file, and to it's right will be the exported file. So it's quite easy to identify and remove the originals (if You want that)


          Now, You will be apx. 15x faster


          @Adobe: please fix the 15 images limitation. You know we shoot digital, You know we have large batches of files to process, right?

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            Guapadon Level 1

            Hi Rocketdrive


            First, THANKS!


            Second, I was already aware of this method, and while 15 images can be saved at once, EACH of the 15 still needs be selected manually, so the net result of 'efficiency' is negligible


            The fact that no one else has replied tells me that there is currently no way to do this.


            This kind of oversight, when people need to save 100s if not 1000s of images, is simply inconceivable from a company like Adobe - nevertheless, here we are!


            Again, thanks for taking the time to reply - hopefully a staff moderator will add something here of help for us.