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    Converting Director projector to Shockwave

      It's probably something very simple but I've searched the forums to no avail. I have a Director program which consists of 12 small director movies. It was originally published as an exe on a CD. The exe launches, and each director movie plays on to the next fine. Client wants the CD demo on the internet, so I published all 12 dir movies creating 12 htm's and 12 dcr's. When tested on a CD or other drives (with files all on the same root) each movie plays and jumps to one another as expected. But when the web master uploads them onto the server, the first htm launches and a director error pops up saying it can't find the next movie.

      I did upgrade my Shockwave on my computer to the latest version because I had to embed new Flash movies into the Director movies (to replace the old chunky Quicktime .mov's) and that all plays fine now. It's the linking that seems to be the problem. How do I get the first movie to open the next htm/dcr file as it did on the CD?