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    Font Disappeared from InDesign CC


      I used a font last week (Cordia New) in a document and when I open that document the text still appears in that font but it is missing from the list. When I create a new document that font is no longer listed despite the fact it is in my Adobe Fonts folder under InDesign.  It is not a Typekit font. Any ideas?



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          I have as well an equal problem. While working normaly with an installed font - postscript fonts from SoftMaker - the font dissapeared. In "seaching font"-menu it tells "unknown".

          The document downsaved in idml, opened at the same time with InDesign CS 5.5 it works without any problems.


          In January 2016 I had nearly the same problems. I thougt it  is a problem from suitcase and contacted their help. Because it took days before I got an answer I tried out 3 night and days to get any solve, reinstalled suitcase, cleaned all the font cages etc. etc. I was lucky, that I had no advertising to upload for production in these days, otherwise my office would have run in massive problems.


          Suitcase told me after 2 weeks (!!) , it was a bug in an update of photoshop ... In the meanwhile I'm absolutely afraid of each update.


          Try that: save as idml, reopen in InDesign CC.

          I hope Adobe will fix this bug soon.