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    flash and director

    Level 7
      i have flash running inside director
      in work ok on newer OS
      but on win 98+500MHZ p3+128 RAM
      it moves slow and i dont hear sound
      any idea why?

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          Level 7
          Yes. You're trying to run the file on an old version of Windows with a
          slow processor and very little memory. There may also be a compatibility
          issue between Win 98 and the version of Director that you are using and
          the Flash Xtra.

          While Director MX 2004 is playback compatible with Win 98 on a Pentium
          II with 64 MB of ram, this should be considered an extremely optimistic
          base configuration. When you add in the additional overhead required for
          the Flash Xtra, then you are really pushing very hard on that processor.

          The loss of sound could be a problem with memory allocation, processor
          power, and/or problems between the sound card's drivers and Director's
          sound management.

          Rob Dillon
          Adobe Community Expert