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    Can I save photograph on both camera in-slot SD card and Lightroom  when i tethered?

    takumi-i Level 1

      I'm using Lightroom 6 (Latest version) and Mac OS X Yosemtie


      When I tethered my Nikon D610 to Lightroom.

      I noticed that the image data wasn't save on in-slot SD card!

      just saved on My Lightroom(Computer)

      So i'm very surprised and... i'm worrying if something happen on my Macintosh.



      until recently, I used canon DSLR and i could choose if I save on in-slot SD card.

      consequently, i believe that Nikon DSLR could choose these setting!


      but... i couldn't find these setting on My Lightroom and D610.



      Is there any tips? or it is just natural things?