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    Apply/amend script to work on multiple objects?

    Dizz Hicks Level 1

      I need to convert hundreds of objects into perfect circles of a more-or-less equal area to each original object.

      I found the below script but it only works with a single object.

      Can it be amended to apply to all objects selected, or is there a way to apply a script to each selected object individually?

      Thank you!




      #target illustrator 


      function main() { 

           if (app.documents.length == 0) { 

                alert('Open a document before running this script'); 


           } else { 

                var docRef = app.activeDocument; 

                with (docRef) { 

                     if (pathItems.length == 0) { 

                          alert('No Path Items'); 


                     } else { 

                          var pVB = pathItems[0].visibleBounds; 


                          var pVC = (pVB[2]+pVB[0])/2; 

                          var pHC = (pVB[1]+pVB[3])/2; 


                          var rad = Math.sqrt(pathItems[0].area/Math.PI);