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    Image crompression setting for ps file?


      I am sending a pdf document to a commercial printer. (2 up perfect bound - 12 page signature size). They wanted to charge me an arm and a leg to take a regular page pdf document (with pages 1-120 in numerical order) and change them into 12 page booklet sizes.  So, I've had to do that myself before I send it to them.   My process is to go to print booklet (I have my print presets correct), which in turn saves it as a ps file and exports it.  I then open the ps file and save it as a pdf.  I don't see anywhere in this process where I can look at the image compression of color images as I can, if I convert this to a pdf right into indesign (using pdf presets) and then export it.  This document is picture heavy and I want to make sure the image compression is at least 300ppi.   Anyone have any ideas where this step is?