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    How do I solve: Error getting license?


      Using a Windows computer either at home or at work I get the following error message when I try to download an EBSCO ebook to Adobe Digital Editions:


      Unable to Download

      Error getting license.  License Server Communications Problem:



      I have uninstalled and re-installed ADE, ver 4.51.  I have uninstalled ver 4.51 and installed 4.0, but get the error message "Error:  Check Activation!"  Nothing works.  However, only a week or so ago I was not having any problem at all downloading books to my pc.  I've not changed any software beyond versions or any pc settings.  I've pinged EBSCO about it and they point their finger at Adobe.

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          cselhost Level 2

          Hi Russ,


          You need to manually delete the activation file and then resign in. Please follow these steps:


          You must have administration authority.

          On Windows it can be found here:
          Open Windows Registry by using the command prompt and typing 'regedit' or by opening the start menu and searching for 'regedit'.


          Search for the following folder:


          The 'Activation' folder can be entirely deleted.


          On Mac it can be found here:
          In Finder, find the 'Go' option on the menu bar and click 'Go to folder' and type the following in:

          ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Digital Editions/


          Delete the activation.dat file within the 'Digital Editions' folder.


          Restart ADE and it should be deactivated at this point. You should be good to sign back in and try the download again.